Building Services


On behalf of the Government of Abu Dhabi, our Building Projects Management Services Division (BPMS) caters to all the Government’s built asset requirements, providing end-to-end life-cycle services, spanning concept, feasibility, design and construction management services.
The focus is always on exceptional delivery and value for money for the Government. By providing a common procurement platform for all Government wide projects, we are able to capitalize on economies of scale and at the same time ensure uniform management, best practices and high standards of accountability.
With over 45 Abu Dhabi Government clients, The Building Projects Management Services Division manages over 140 project-sites worth over AED 40 billion across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
Building Projects Management Services (BPMS) provides Project Management as  a core service.
Building Projects Management Services (BPMS) consists of the following departments:
1.      Building Projects Department
    • Civic/ Sports Projects
    • Offices & Headquarters
    • Special Projects
2.      Education Projects Department
3.      Infrastructure/Housing Department
4.      Health Care Department
5.      Roads and Bridges Department
6.      Building Support Department
Our Key Objectives are to:
1.        Attain Customer Satisfaction through providing a higher quality of service at cost effective prices.
2.        Establish a comprehensive service portfolio in relation to creation of built assets and their environments, enabling government entities to focus on their core operations
3.        Achieve Business excellence through applying top of class management thinking and best industry practices.
4.        Provide Transparency of our operations and accountability to the Abu Dhabi Government.
5.        Create a performance oriented organization, encouraging both employees and partners to deliver their best.
Our Key Achievements:
1.        Established a pool of professional experts in the fields of mega projects Studying, Design & Construction.
2.        Established Management Systems for our services, in line with industry-best-practices.
3.        Achieving the ISO 9001:2008 Certificate.
4.        Proven ourselves capable of managing & delivering projects of scale, from a few million to billions of dirhams.
5.        Installed a comprehensive vendor performance evaluation system in place to enable better feedback & sourcing.